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My work is characterized by its own style with rugged, closed shapes and a rough looking skin in earthy colours.

My own way of expression is important to me.

As a child, I wanted to become an inventor. I liked to draw and make things. As an adult I have now found my own creative approach.

Mechanisms are an important source of inspiration.

Failures can also inspire, solutions need to be found. Creating is a search in which harmony, simplicity, the relationship with the surroundings and the interaction between the components play an important part.

The titles of my objects consist of a combination of letters and numbers: such as HFB 2, RDN 1 and HEF 3. They are more indications than titles.

I do not want to add a meaning by giving a certain title. An artist should not tell the viewer what to see in his work. For me there are often personal memories in my pieces; The connection with the people around me. Or dominance. Or loneliness. For someone else that is not so important.


As soon as a work is finished, my search is over. The result is found, I invented it. The relationship I had with the work is disappearing; others can build a new relationship with it. The work is going to be seen. It can be shown. Viewers get their own new feelings with it.

My quest has come to an end. I can go further, to start something new.

Joyce Altheer

Joyce Altheer
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